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Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships!

Learnerships for Grade 12 Youth

EARNJobs for Matriculants and N2-N5 Youth GO HERE!Click for learnerships!

Learnerships and apprenticeships for youth fresh from high school in South Africa!
FET College Finder

NewFET College Bursaries Available! GO HERE!

FET College government bursaries now open for 2017! Apply!
Internsships for Graduates

EARNTertiary Graduates & Final Year Students GO HERE!Click!

University Bursary

University Bursaries


In-Service Training (P1 & P2)

P1 & P2 training for 'university of technology' students!
Office Admin Jobs

Office Admin Jobs!

Permanet Jobs

Permanent Jobs

Celeb News, Sport and Ithakazelo!

Celeb News, Sport and Izithakazelo!

Celeb news, sport, izithakazelo and more!